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(Scorpions, Spiders)
 Avicularia avicularia  Pink Toe Tarantula stalking the camera!

 Grammostola rosea
 Chilean Rose Hair Tarantula slowly creeping!

 Pandinus imperator
 Emperor Scorpion quickly crawling towards the camera!
 Archimandrita tesselata  Up close and personal with a Giant Peppered Cockroach!
(Beetles, Weevils)

 Cetonischema aeruginosa
 Closeup of Flower Beetles feeding on an apple.

 Cetonischema aeruginosa
 Flower Beetles crawling on an apple and flying!

 Chrysina beyeri
 Shining Leaf Beetle in my hand!

 Chrysina gloriosa
 Up close and personal with Glorious Beetles!

 Chrysina woodi
 Blue-legged Shining Leaf Beetle in my hand!
 Chrysolina sp.  Klamath Weed Beetle wandering my fingers.
 Cotinus mutabilis  Curious Fig Beetle in my hand!

 Cremastocheilus sp.
 Ant Scarab crawling on my hand!

 Cremastocheilus sp.
 Close-up of an Ant Scarab crawling on my hand!
 Curculionidae sp.  Small Weevil crawling on my hand!
 Curculionidae sp.  Small Weevil not sure what to make of my hand!
 Curculionidae sp.  Quick little Weevil exploring the length of my arm!
 Curculionidae sp.  Tiny little Weevil crawling up my finger!
 Cyclocephala sp.  Group of May Beetles with only one thing on their minds... mating!
 Cyclocephala sp.  Very determined May Beetle!
 Cyclocephala sp.  May Beetle wrestling match!

 Dynastes granti
 Watch what happens when I taunt a live male Rhino Beetle with a dead specimen!

 Dynastes granti
 Grant's Rhinoceros Beetle attacking my fingers (ouch)!

 Dynastes granti
 Newly-emerged Rhinoceros Beetle crawling on my hand (minor male).

 Dynastes granti
 Grant's Rhinoceros Beetle pupa (female).

 Dynastes granti / Cyclocephala sp.
 This must be one very good-looking female Rhinoceros Beetle!

 Dynastes hercules
 Hercules Beetles attempting to battle!

 Dynastes hercules
 This Hercules Beetle decides to crawl up my arm!

 Dynastes hercules
 Hercules Beetle, up close and personal!

 Dynastes hercules
 Watch this Hercules Beetle up close as it feeds on a banana!

 Dynastes hercules / Megasoma actaeon
 Hercules Beetle & Elephant Beetle having fun on a Vertical Canopy™ during the 2005 Bug Fair in Los Angeles, CA!

 Eleodes sp.
 Darkling Beetle just hanging out.
 Eudicella aethiopica  Basic Flower Beetle setup and mating!

 Eudicella gralli hubini
 Female Flower Beetle taking flight, as a male quickly climbs a branch after her!

 Eudicella gralli hubini
 Small group of Flower Beetles feeding on banana.

 Eudicella gralli hubini
 Flower Beetle lapping up banana from my finger (male)!
 Eudicella smithi  Flower Beetle crawling up my finger (female)!

 Lucanus elaphus
 Elephant Stag Beetle trying to pinch my finger (male - from Virginia)!

 Lucanus elaphus
 Elephant Stag Beetle showing her pinching ability (female - from Virginia).

 Megasoma actaeon
 Interview with a Elephant Beetle at the 2005 Bug Fair in Los Angeles, CA.
 Phanaeus difformis  Texas Dung Beetle crawling away (male).
 Phanaeus difformis  Texas Dung Beetle flipping himself over (male).
 Platyceroides agassizi  Small Stag Beetle beating up a bigger Oregon Stag Beetle!

 Platycerus oregonensis
 Oregon Stag Beetle crawling around my hand (male).

 Platycerus oregonensis
 Oregon Stag Beetle taking flight (male)!
 Pseudolucanus mazama  Very docile Western Stag Beetle in my hand!
 Scaphinotus sp.  Snail-eating Ground Beetle trying to find his way off my hand!
 Strategus aloeus  Newly-emerged Ox Beetle crawling around!
 Xylotrupes gideon  Very noisy Rhinoceros Beetle!

 Archispirostreptus gigas
 Giant Black Millipede eating a carrot on my hand!

 Archispirostreptus gigas
 Giant Black Millipede crawling (look at all those legs)!
(Flies, Mosquitoes)

 Musca sp.
 Pretty friendly House Fly!
(Amphibians, Reptiles)

 Ceratophrys ornata
 Magic Pacman Frog making a cricket dissapear!

 Dendrobates tinctorius
 Poison Dart Frogs feeding on fruit flies!

 Eryx colubrinus
 Kenyan Sand Boa stalking its prey!
 Eublepharis macularius  Scurrying Leopard Gecko!

 Morelia viridis
 Green Tree Python exploring a large plant!

 Morelia viridis
 Same Green Tree Python, after the color change!

 Phyllomedusa sauvagei
 Waxy Monkey Tree Frog crawling towards the camera!

 Phyllomedusa sauvagei
 Waxy Monkey Tree Frog devouring a cricket (night vision)!

 Phyllomedusa sauvagei
 Waxy Monkey Tree Frog missing his target (night vision)!

 Phyllomedusa sauvagei
 Closeup of a Waxy Monkey Tree Frog (night vision)!

 Phyllomedusa sauvagei
 Waxy Monkey Tree Frog climbing a branch (night vision)!
(Butterflies, Moths)
 Attacus atlas  Look at the size of this Atlas Moth (female)!
 Attacus atlas  Atlas Moth testing his wings (male).
 Attacus atlas  Atlas Moth closeup, showing body and wing details (female).
 Attacus atlas  Pair of Atlas Moths mating on my hand!
 Attacus atlas  Atlas Moth caterpillar preparing its cocoon!
 Actias luna  Luna Moth caterpillar feeding on a Sweet Gum leaf (L5 instar).
 Actias luna  Luna Moth laying eggs!
 Actias luna  Luna Moth up close!

 Grammia ornata
 Tiger Moth testing its wings!

 Parasphendale affinis
 Bud Wing Mantis crawling on my hand (female).

 Parasphendale affinis
 Bud Wing Mantis eating a cricket (female)!

 Phyllocrania paradoxa
 Ghost Mantis cleaning his antenna (male).

 Phyllocrania paradoxa
 Ghost Mantis crawling on my hand, then flying away (male)!

 Phyllocrania paradoxa
 Baby Ghost Mantis chowing down on a cricket the size of himself!
 Pseudocreobotra wahlbergii  Flower Mantis eating a cricket (nymph)!
(Crickets, Grasshoppers, Katydids)

 Orthoptera sp.
 Huge Grasshopper crawling on my hand, then hopping away.
(Leaf Insects, Walkingsticks)

 Eurycnema goliath
 Attack of the Goliath Walking Stick (male - night vision)!

 Eurycnema goliath
 Goliath Walking Stick wandering through the night (male - night vision)!

 Extatosoma tiaratum
 Giant Prickly Leaf Insect feeding on a Eucalyptus leaf, blowing in the wind (female).

 Extatosoma tiaratum
 Giant Prickly Leaf Insect sucking up water drops on a branch (female - night vision).
 Gordius sp.  Horsehair Worm wiggling around like a snake.
 Snail sp.  Close-up of a local Snail!
 Great Dane  My canine assistant helping me collect beetles at a light trap (night vision)!
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